each other用法(other用法ppt)

"It’s springtime in Washington, D.C. and I’m so excited! There are a lot of places to enjoy nature, like the National ***rboretum and Rock Creek Park.

Some spring days here are rainy. But other days are full of sunshine. The other day, it was sunny and beautiful. So, I walked to Rock Creek Park. ***nd what did I see!? *** blue heron. I took a picture but the bird was too far. So I ran closer and took another."

在这段话中我们使用了other, the other and another。作为一名英语学习者,你日常中可能已经多次使用这些词,但可能仍然不确定是否正确地使用它们。在今天的文章中,我们将帮助您消除Other, The Other and ***nother使用上的不确定性

each other用法(other用法ppt)

首先我们要知道otherthe otheranother用于谈论额外或不同的人或事物。它们可以充当限定词或代词。那么什么是限定词或介词呢?

Determiners and Pronouns 定语词和代词

定语是放在名词前面的词,以显示所指的是哪个人或事物。例如,在 "其他日子 "中,"其他 "是定语,"日子 "是名词。


代词是用来代替名词或名词短语的词。例如, “So I ran closer and took another.”。在这里,another作为代词,取代了名词picture。

each other用法(other用法ppt)


Other这个词是不确定的。更简单的说法是它以一种非特定的方式描述名词。Other可以表示 "additional 额外的 "或 "different kinds of 不同种类的"。

Noncount and plural nouns非计数和复数名词


Do you have other luggage to check?


Other plans offer unlimited monthly data.

One and ones



That picture's a little drab. I like that other one better.


These are not the right keys. Could you look for the other ones?


***s a pronoun作为介词


This shirt has a hole in it. Do you have others?

each other用法(other用法ppt)

The Other

The other是确定的;它指的是特定的人或事。

Singular nouns 单数名词

作为一个定语,the other可以与单数和复数名词一起使用。


That green is a little drab. I like the other color better.


My apartment is on the other side of D.C.

Plural nouns 复数名词


Where are the other keys? These are not working.

***s a pronoun 作为代词

The other这个短语也可以作为一个代词–单数或复数。请看两个例子:

This hat looks better than the other.

Keep this copy of the script. I’ll take the others.

each other用法(other用法ppt)



***nother可以表示 "one more "或 "different from the first or other one."。

Singular nouns 单数名词


I’ll take another cup of coffee, please.
Is there
another gas station near here?

With ‘one’ 与 "one "搭配


Would you like a second cup of coffee?
Sure, I’ll have
another one.

***s a pronoun 作为代词


Would you like a second cup of coffee?
Sure, I’ll have




another key (is)

another (is)


other keys (are)

others (are)


the other key (is)

the other (is)


the other keys (are)

the others (are)


other keys (right)
others keys (wrong)

the others keys (wrong)


the other day (right)
other day (wrong)


another picture (right)
other picture (wrong)

another中的an表示 "一个"。另一个总是单数。只与单数名词一起使用。:

another bicycle (right)
another bicycles (wrong)

each other用法(other用法ppt)

Practice 练习

现在,你来试试吧! 在每个句子中选择一个答案:: another, other, the other, others, the others. 记得把你的答案写在评论区。(我们将于明天公布正确答案)注意:其中一个句子有两个可能的答案。

1. Some people like to go home after work. ______ like to meet up with their friends.

2. Sorry, there are no empty seats on this side of the room. There may be seats on _____ side.

3. I love this city. There is no _____ place like it!

4. That dress is not formal enough for the wedding. Do you have ______?

5. Your computer is so old. Maybe you should buy ______.

6. You met one of my sisters. But I have _____ one who lives in Boston.

7. These boxes are for dishes. _____ are for cups and glasses.

8. ***re there any _____ questions?

each other用法(other用法ppt)


uncertainty 不确定性n. the quality or state of being doubtful

refer 参考– v. to have a direct connection or relationship to something

phrase 短语– n. a group of two or more words that express an idea but do not form a complete sentence

plural 复数– adj. relating to a form of a word that refers to more than one person or thing

drab 单调– adj. not bright or colorful

notice 注意– n. to become aware of something by seeing or hearing it

singular 单数– adj. relating to a form of a word that refers to one person or thing

script 剧本– n. the written form of a video, television show, play or something else

tip 提示– n. a piece of advice or useful information

practice 练习– v. to do something again and again in order to become better at it

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